Episode 42- Madeline Jones

Plus Model Magazine was launched in 2006 to reclaim and celebrate the body confidence movement and highlight the at the time little celebrated models who inspired us. Zach sat down with Founder, Owner, and Editor-in-chief, Madeline Jones to talk about her rise to plus size stardom, body positivity, the fashion industry, and the demands we must make of the fashion world going forward.

Episode 34- Matthew Johnson Harris

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are stronger than you think. This is the mantra of fitness expert, Matthew Johnson Harris, in every class he teaches.in the last few years Matthew has exploded onto the fitness scene. Zach and Matthew talk about life, body positivity, determination, drive, and everyone wanting to be seen. Take class with him right now by downloading the "HIIT Workouts" app by Daily Burn.

Episode 33- Ady Del Valle

There was no clear road to self acceptance, modeling, and becoming an influencer for Ady so he forged his own path. A rising star in the men's body positive world, Ady Del Valle is a role model for many as one of the largest proffesional plus male models in the industry. Zach and Ady talk about life, modeling, body positivity and the importance of being a role model.

Episode 31- Bruce Sturgell

Bruce Sturgell is the founder and man behind the premier big men's life and style website Chubstr.com. For the past 8 years Burce and Chubstr have been at the forefront of all things Big, Brawn, and awesome, including writing the first ever interview with someone you all may know. Zach and Bruce sit down to talk about life, the big and tall industry, style, and much much more.

Episode 30- Laura Miko

Laura Miko moved from rural Georgia to NYC 10 years ago to forger her career and find herself. somehow along the way Zach popped up and send her a facebook message when he was 22 and drunk. Zach and Laura Miko have been married for 4 years, so, hows it going? Zach sits down with his wife to talk about marriage, falling in love, and what relationship advice they give to whom ever may ask.

Episode 29- Forensic Psychologist, Cassie Grace

Who doesn't love true crime? Our whole society is obsessed with murder and crime and serial killers, just look at Netflix or your top 10 podcasts. This week Zach brings doctoral candidate in forensic psychology, Cassie Grace, to talk about your favorite crime shows and stories. TRIGGER WARNING, this episode contains graphic descriptions of murder, violence and sexual crimes, listener discretion is advised.

Episode 26- Marge Hudson

From the badlands of Central/Eastern Connecticut comes Culture and Training Director of Dia and Co., Marge Hudson. After going to school to teach music she found her true calling in NYC, making women love themselves. Zach and Marge talk about everything from Dia, to fashion, to theater, to dept, to self love and beyond

Episode 25- Anastasia Garcia

Anastasia Garcia is a name that ever plus model knows. She has shot every legend of the body positive community from Ashley Graham,  Candice Huffine, and Hunter McGrady, too Marquita Pring, Precious Lee, and Denise Bidot. Zach and Anastasia sit down to talk about fashion, body positivity, millenial culture, and everything else in between