Episode 25- Anastasia Garcia

Anastasia Garcia is a name that ever plus model knows. She has shot every legend of the body positive community from Ashley Graham,  Candice Huffine, and Hunter McGrady, too Marquita Pring, Precious Lee, and Denise Bidot. Zach and Anastasia sit down to talk about fashion, body positivity, millenial culture, and everything else in between

Episode 24- Marcy Cruz

Plus fashion would be know where without the bloggers. Marcy Cruz, writer of FearlesslyJustMe.net, has been a leading voice in the BoPo community since 2009 and a champion for both Curve and Brawn models alike. Zach and Marcy sit down to talk fashion, body positivity, the under-served sizes in plus fashion, and what the industry need to do to make things better.

Episode 22- Harvey Guillen

Harvey Guillen started his acting career at 6 years old, returning empty cans to take acting classes at the local YMCA. he has never stopped hustling and is now crushing it in hollywood starring in multiple series including the upcoming "What We Do In The Shadows". Zach and Harvey sit down to talk about what its like to be a person of color and a person of size in hollywood. 

Episode 19- Giant Things with Zach Miko and Paul Guyet Part 2

The two giants are back in this special Thursday episode of Giant Things. Here you will be able to hear Zach and Paul finish their conversation about life as a giant, but also here them nerd out and talk about Comic books, movie and TV shows. Heads up though, this episode contains massive spoilers about giant movies and shows you may not have seen, but don't worry, we'll tell you what and when!!!

Episode 17- Chris Collins

For over 20 years Chris Collins has been a brand ambassador and face of Polo Ralph Lauren. Now an expert in all things luxury he created his own Harlem inspired fragrance line "Chris Collins Alchemy of Fragrance". Zach gets to sit down with one of his own mentors and personal role models to talk about everything from fashion, luxury, modeling, real estate, cultural diversity, and fragrance.

Episode 16- Straight/Curve's Jenny McQuaile

Have you ever looked in a mirror and felt less than? 91% of women say they are unhappy with their body. Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image is a  body positive documentary celebrating the diversity of our world and changes we need to make in order to be truly inclusive. Zach sits down with Director/Producer, Jenny McQuaile, to talk body positivity in fashion and media, the role models the youth of today need, and the making of the film. Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and StraightCurveFilm.com.

Episode 14- Khrystyana

Khrystyana quickly became one of America's Next Top Model Cycle 24's ultimate fan favorites. Showing incredible vulnerability, body positivity and winning more challenges and best photos then anyone else in her season, Khrystyana is a powerhouse that is just getting started. Zach and Khrystyana sit down and talk about modeling, life, ANTM, coming to america, and what the future holds for this body positive activist,

Episode 13- Jennie Runk

From a teenager working in a pet store in Missouri, to international super model walking NYFW, starring in campaigns for H&M, and the covers of magazines like Marie Claire France. Jennie Runk is a powerhouse model and an powerful advocate for LQBTQ  community and people struggling with eating disorders. Zach sits down with this gamer model to talk about it all.

Episode 11- Paul Guyet

This week Zach is chatting with a fellow Giant. Standing 6'8" and with the smoothest voice on both sides of the Mississippi, Paul Guyet is a voice actor you cannot go a day without hearing somewhere. These two BFG's chat about the life in the arts, life as a giant, and whatever else popped into their joy filled heads.

Episode 10- Reformed Whores

 If Dolly Parton & Flight of the Conchords got drunk and had a baby, you'd get the hilariously irreverent musical comedy duo Reformed Whores. Zach sits down with Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame to talk about the strange and delightful world of musical comedy. These southern fried feminists with side of crass and a tall glass of sass are just getting started.

Episode 8- Katie Sexton

The Great White Way!!! Katie Sexton dreamed her whole life of being on Broadway, and through her hardwork, talent, determination, and overall badassedry she made it. So now what!? Zach and Katie talk about a life in theater, what happens when your dream becomes your job, and the importance of fun and play in today's world