Nathan Spiteri

This may be the most important episode Big Things has ever done. Actor, writer, advocate, and sexual abuse survivor, Nathan Spiteri shares his story. His abuse began when he was 8 years old, and he now dedicates his life to helping other survivors by being brutally open about his own experiences. The subject matter in this episode is very sensitive.

Katharine Scarborough

After getting her MFA at The New School, Katharine Scarborough new first hand that there was an extreme lack of quality roles for plus sized people. That's why her new show Big Girl, is changing that. Zach and Katharine sit down to talk about Big Girl, acting education, casting, and creating the role model you wish you had.

Hey, Man

This week, Zach sits down with therapist, Avi Klein, and novelist, Sam Graham-Felsen, as a guest on Hey, Man, an advice podcast for men. Zach, Avi, and Sam talk about finding your peace, jealousy, self-esteem. Zach's advice column, Big Questions, and much more.

Julie Henderson

Julie Henderson is an undeniable force. From competing in the Final Four with Notre Dame, while simultaneously enrolled in ROTC with dreams of being a fighter pilot, to top model, advocate, and entrepreneur. Zach and Julie talk about life, modeling, the evolution of the industry, a life in sports, and Julies upcoming "Mama Don't Know".

Jon Kielty of Big aLICe Brewing Company

From old men to hipsters, everybody loves beer. With the craft beer boom of the last 10 years, There are more breweries in the US than ever before. This week Zach sits down with Jon Kielty, the head brewer of Big aLICe Brewing Company in Long Island City, Queens NY, to talk about craft beer, brewing, the history of beer, the beers that changed our lives, and a live tasting of four Big aLICe beers.

Kate Forsatz

Kate Forsatz is the Jersey girl who turned actress and film maker whose debut feature film, Thre3Bound, the romantic comedy about what happens when you meet the right one at the wrong time, is premiering June 21st at the Soho International Film Festival. Zach and Kate sit down to talk life, acting techniques, New Jersey, film making, and all things Thre3bound.

Julie Murphy

"Beautiful, he says. Fat, I think. But can't I be both at the same time?". With her NY Times #1 Best Seller, Dumplin', Julie Murphy says everything that every person of size grew up thinking. Life has been even crazier for Murphy ever since Dumplin' became a smash Netflix success. Zach and Julie sit down to talk life, Dumplin" Dolly Parton, personal insecurities, high school, writing, Bridgeport CT, and about how they were born in the same hospital.

Gregory Littley

Gregory Littley is a Content Creator working with everyone from Selena Gomez and Lennox Lewis. There's a lot of mysticism around the terms Content Creator, Influencer, and Social Media Guru. Whatever you call it , it's the most direct form of marketing that brands and individuals can use today. Zach and Gregory break down what a content creator does and talk about , social media stars, beauty and lifestyle, the gig economy, the view, and much much more.

Taylor Coriell

A figure skater from Kentucky moves to NYC... sounds like the beginning of an old man joke, but this one ends with Taylor Coriell touring the country acting, becoming a film maker/producer, and starring as Pam in "The Office! A Musical Parody". Zach and Taylor sit down to talk life, women in film and tv, the need for representation in the media, The Office, and You're The Pest.

Georgina Burke

From competing in Dressage in the countryside outside of Brisbane, Australia, Georgina Burke is now one of NYC's top models. Zach and Geo sit down to talk about life, horses, modeling, weight, social media, and her upcoming size inclusive clothing line, Burke NYC.

Edward Miskie

Imagine leaving your small town in and moving to NYC to pursue your dreams. Imagine succeeding at your dreams and starring in musicals all over the country. Now imagine you were diagnosed with cancer at the peak of it all. That's what happened to actor and author of "Cancer, Musical Theater, and Other Chronic Illnesses". Zach and Edward sit down to talk about his career, cancer, treatment, remission, musicals, body image and his new show "Baritoned"

Bruce Sturgell / Chubstr

Bruce Sturgell founded the big and tall style site, Chubstr, in 2011. Since then Chubstr has become the go to place for people of size. Everything from Style tips, Big entertainment, lifestyle, activism, food and drink and shopping. Zach and his ole buddy Bruce sit down for the second time to talk about how far this industry has come, whats new on the horizon, and tease Zach's new advice column on Chubstr.

Alex Frankel

This weeks newest Big Up n' Comer is Alex Frankel. Hailing from the Bay Area in California, this Opera singer came to NYC to shake music halls with his powerful voice and somehow along the way became a brawn model. Zach and Alex sit down to talk body positivity, diversity in body shapes in the brawn industry, growing up as a big person and much much more.

Ana Laura AKA Viva La Curvy

Most people know her by her Instagram moniker Viva La Curvy, Ana Laura is a name everyone in the BoPo community should know. This native new yorker went from Columbia Grad to Mac model. Zach and Ana sit down to talk modeling, growing up big, owning your body, and all these fellas "coming out of the chubby closet".

James DeSantis

This week's big beautiful guest of a man is the host of Backyard Envy on Bravo, James DeSantis. James is one third of backyard oasis designers, Manscapers NY. Zach and James sit down to talk TV, Instagram, new found fame, growing up bigger, and uncovering the big guy insecurities from both their childhoods.