Tim Girrbach

He goes by many names, MC Squirm, Manheim Tuttlingen, Tim Girrbach, whatever you call him the man is hilarious. Zach sits down with Tim to talk about his off broadway show, Birthday Sax, his life as a comedy rap star in Squirm and Germ, and why he never wants to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Katya Zharkova

Plus size fashion isn't just an american industry. Inclusive fashion and body positivity are world wide. Katya Zharkova, born in the former Soviet Union began modeling at the age of 14. After years of modeling and television hosting, Katya moved to America and exploded with her real body editorial in Plus Model Magazine. Zach and Katya sit down and talk fashion, motherhood, and even US/Russia relations

Jillian Mercado

Season 2 Premiere. After 50+ episodes in Season 1, Big Things with Zach Miko kicks off with model, creative, activist Jillian Mercado. Zach and fellow IMG model Jillian talk about fashion, diversity, and life as a model with a disability, fighting the stigma and lack of representation in fashion, entertainment, and media.

Giant Things Corrupted Audio Holiday Special

Every now and then the gods and goddesses of the audio world hate us. This weeks episode is one of those times. Paul and Zach bring you their Giant Things Holiday special, but sadly the audio is a little skippy. We love you, we are sorry, but if you do power through we answer holiday questions and Zach gives a full dramatic reenactment of the holiday classic It's A Wonderful Life. We Love you, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Episode 47- Karen Bray

Writer, business woman, entrepreneur, comedian, Owner/Founder of Red Bird Vintage Box, best friend, choose a title! Karen Bray is an incredible woman and the better half of Zach's comedy band The Dreamstalks. listen to two best buds sit and talk old shows, vintage fashion business, comedy, and why on earth she would ever move to Florida.

Episode 42- Madeline Jones

Plus Model Magazine was launched in 2006 to reclaim and celebrate the body confidence movement and highlight the at the time little celebrated models who inspired us. Zach sat down with Founder, Owner, and Editor-in-chief, Madeline Jones to talk about her rise to plus size stardom, body positivity, the fashion industry, and the demands we must make of the fashion world going forward.